Prince Edward County Museums Tour


by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

Prince Edward County has 5 wonderful museums, and the Nomad and I had to opportunity to visit them all!

Ameliasburgh Historical Museum

Our first stop was to Ameliasburgh and the Ameliasburgh Historical Museum.

The Ameliasburgh Museum is a “Living” museum where costumed interpreters demonstrate “life” in the period in which the museum is presenting.

On special occasions re-enacters from across the province gather to celebrate Canada’s and Ontario’s past. The “Welcome Weekend” is one of those special events. It is held  each Spring.

Wellington Heritage Museum

Our next stop on our Prince Edward County Museum tour was in the Village of Wellington.

Wellington is a beautiful “patriotic” village located on the shores of Lake Ontario. The Loyalist Parkway run through the middle of the Wellington.

This heritage museum is an historical tribute to the people whose hard work  built the area!

Macaulay Heritage Park

The Macaulay Heritage Park is located in the Town of Picton.

The following is an excerpt from the Park’s website ~ “Macaulay Heritage Park is an attractive historic site featuring many points of interest: Macaulay House, built in 1830 and restored to the mid-1850s; the historic former Church of St. Mary Magdalene, now a museum; the old St. Mary Magdalene Parish Cemetery; Heritage Gardens and the Carriage House. Together they comprise beautiful parkland for visitors to enjoy.

This combination park and museum offers visitors a wonderful insight into life in the 1820’s. Costumed interpreters added a wonderful addition to this interesting attraction!

Rose House Museum

The Rose House Museum is located in rural Prince Edward County in the community of Waupoos.

The Rose House Museum is a wonderful example of homestead construction in the early 1800’s. The area was settled largely by “United Empire Loyalists and Hessian (German) soldiers who had fought for the British in the American Revolution.

We were very fortunate, because the day we visited the museum, a direct descendant of the Rose family happened to be there. She greeted us and gave us an authentic insight into the home’s historic heritage.

Mariners Park Museum

Mariners Park Museum was the final Prince Edward County museum we visited.

The following is an excerpt from the museum’s website ~ “Mariners Park Museum explores the many ways the inhabitants of Prince Edward County have interacted with its surrounding waters, from fishing and ship building to ice harvesting and rum running, and recreational pursuits such as boat racing too.

This Park Museum was very interesting and a lot of fun! The park contains an old lighthouse and a guard house. We were able take an number of amusing photos! Inside the museum were a number of “new/old” exhibits. The outboard motor collection interested the Nomad the most.

Gary and I had great fun that day and were amazed at Prince Edward County’sLoyalist” history and heritage!

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